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Customer Service: the ultimate badge of honor in 2020

When the world closed up shop for a virus, life got serious. People lost jobs, businesses closed, schools went virtual, and our world hit the pause button for an unforeseeable amount of time. Never had so much uncertainty been handed down at once. But with every hurdle came innovation and perseverance across industries that could not and would not let customers go unserved. That was especially true in franchising.

Photo of ComForCare workers in PPE gear.
The pandemic did not stop ComForCare team members from serving their most vulnerable clients.

First responders and health care workers were on the front lines to address the worst of the healthcare crises. And immediately behind them were many new and courageous faces that came to define an entirely different workforce for essential businesses.

These people have embraced potential life-and-death dangers by going to work in order to keep the world moving forward. And the BizCom team has made sure our clients have been able to share each inspiring story.

Beyond the countless doctors and nurses or firefighters and police, we have been able to put a spotlight on the plumbers, the produce suppliers, the heating and air conditioning technicians, the home health aides, the commercial cleaners and restoration specialists, the electricians, the appliance repair professionals and more. Collectively, what they have done and continue to do is nothing short of heroic.

In honor of National Customer Service Week, we celebrate these incredible people. We honor their businesses that have embraced PPC as part of the uniform, have launched regular COVID-19 testing for the health and safety of employees, have introduced contactless service to their ongoing operations all in the name of the most incredible pursuit in 2020: Customer Service.

A few examples

Edible launched whole fruit and whole produce boxes as the first of many innovations that connected with customers in record numbers.

Restoration 1 launched the Keep It Clean program for commercial cleaning services allowing public spaces and businesses to reopen safely.

9Round Fitness launched online workouts when gyms were closed to keep members working out at home and to boost strong immune systems.

ComForCare launched PPE communications, COVID testing and brand-to-brand referral programs with CarePatrol as 13,000 workers across the franchise network cared for the most vulnerable population, seniors needing in-home care.

Neighborly and its many essential businesses across the home services promoted contactless service calls to continue operating, employing and even hiring more service and repair professionals for house calls that never stopped.

A huge Thank You

For every franchise location among these networks that symbolizes small business at the grassroots level, we say thank you for your commitment to stay open, serve customers and be a lifeline to the communities that you call home. Your customer service in 2020 is the very essence of our collective success at overcoming the toughest of odds.

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