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Pinot’s Palette makes fundraising a work of art

Congratulations to client Pinot’s Palette for raising over $20,000 in a three-hour period for the National Breast Cancer Foundation as part of their “Paint It Forward” fundraising program.

Among other services, the National Breast Cancer Foundation does a tremendous job of helping women worldwide gain access to medical care who otherwise cannot afford it. To support the organization, the Houston-based paint-and-sip chain hosted events at its franchise locations nationwide on Nov. 7 and presented a check to the NBCF today. But it wasn’t just your basic “big check.”

To make the presentation even more memorable, Pinot’s Palette co-founder and CEO Craig Ceccanti delivered a check hand-painted on canvas by a Houston artist. National Breast Cancer Foundation founder Janelle Hail and her staff couldn’t stop talking about the check and immediately began discussing where it could be prominently displayed.


Pinot’s Palette co-founder and CEO Craig Ceccanti (front left) presents National Breast Cancer Foundation founder Janelle Hail with a hand-painted check as DFW Pinot’s Palette franchisees and NBCF staff join in.

With just over 80 locations nationwide, Pinot’s Palette may not be one of the largest franchises systems but they know how to put on a big-time fundraiser. From the selection of the non-profit, to franchisee involvement, to the one-of-kind check presentation, this was a perfect example of how to put together a national fundraising effort.

Many large chains struggle with the decision of which cause to support and how to make it happen. That was not the case for Pinot’s Palette.

“It was an easy decision on which cause it needed to be,” said Pinot’s Palette co-founder and President Charles Willis. “This is our demographic. Whether it’s women inside our franchise network or the thousands of people our studios serve across the country, we see and hear stories of breast cancer patients and breast cancer survivors. We were ready to use the reach and influence of Pinot’s Palette to help a great cause.”

Well done, Pinot’s Palette. It was a work of art.

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